Feta & Avocado Mash

Hey guys, since I’m on the low carb recipes anyway, I present to you the perfect avocado mash. It goes very well with my keto walnut rolls but can also be enjoyed with a toasted ciabatta, tomatoes or a spoon, depending on how much of an avocado nut you are. You will need: 2 ripe avocados … Continue reading Feta & Avocado Mash

Gin Tonic Sorbet

Summer is over. There. I said it. Do you want to know the truth? I won’t give a hairy rats arse. As every year, I’ll run outside in cute sandals, leave umbrellas all over the London Underground and will forget my bright yellow rain coat at work although it’s pretty much the brightest colour any … Continue reading Gin Tonic Sorbet

Chocolate indulgence

Phew. It’s March. As we can see outside, it’s trying to be spring and failing hard. The last months went a bit in a complete blur to be honest with you. I’m still recovering from having to quit what I thought would be my dream job and recently went back to my previous employer, taking … Continue reading Chocolate indulgence