Chilli Sauce (hot)

On my instagram I asked what you guys would like to see next and a lot of people wanted a chilli sauce. My whole family loves hot food, especially my mum and me, although even my baby sister has been witnessed demolishing a good portion of wasabi that would have brought a grown man to … Continue reading Chilli Sauce (hot)

Smoked Salmon Hearts

Hey folks, Valentines Day is approaching in rather large steps. I was thinking about posting a three couse dinner at first, but then I decided not to. Personally I don’t like the hype that is around this specific day and although it became associated with love and romantic gestures back in the 14th century – … Continue reading Smoked Salmon Hearts

Chilli Salt

Hey lovely foodie friends, This is an easy one. Spice up your life, yeah! I usually use this recipe to use up older chillies, garlic or herbs that don’t look “pretty” anymore and I know I won’t use up before they go off. Salt has always been a known preservative, yet it has a major … Continue reading Chilli Salt


Hi my friends, 2020 creeped up on me and just sweeped me off my feet. Sorryyyyyy. So in case I haven’t said it already: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you have any cool new years resolutions? I have a few and none are about nutrition. Great heh? Don’t set yourself on fire for … Continue reading 2020.

Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

Hi guys, Imagine the following scenario: It’s Sunday, you’re rather hungover, you need to keep down this orange juice and you are desperately longing for some fast food. What’s better (I’m gonna give you the answer straight away: nothing!) than a dirty sausage roll for a quid… But you know the meat at these places … Continue reading Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

Turmeric Latte Cupcakes

Hey friends, as you all know, I’m currently working for an organic retailer and develop the recipes for the pastry department. In the beginning of this year we published a turmeric “latte” muffin, containing all ingredients that you would find in the golden milk. This recipe is for Sofia, who was super disappointed that the … Continue reading Turmeric Latte Cupcakes