Rice Balls with a Punch

Soooooo… … I personally think I’m going to be furloughed for quite some time, so I am going to try and post daily recipes on this lovely blog and also tell you a bit more about me, my cooking and my favourite recipes and people. The rice balls are something I made up because spring … Continue reading Rice Balls with a Punch


Since the lockdown the days seem to be going by a bit blurry. I am normally a chef at a private boarding school, therefore I can’t work right now. On the one hand, that’s fantastic, since I can do all the things I said I couldn’t do before, because I lacked the time. I am … Continue reading Shakshuksha

Spring Pizza

Yes, please don’t crucify me, it’s not really a pizza, it’s a take on a German dish called “Flammkuchen”, a very thin dough with sour cream, onion and bacon cubes, baked in the oven. My take is slightly different, if not completely different. First of all, my base is a pizza dough (500g flour, 1/2 … Continue reading Spring Pizza

Rhubarb syrup

This is one of the quick instagram recipes I post every once in a while. Rhubarb is a great great great fruit and in my opinion just belongs to spring days. My husband and my mum would greatly disagree, in fact my mum instantly gets goosebumbs when someone even mentions rhubarb. When I saw rhubarb on … Continue reading Rhubarb syrup

Lemony Parsley Pasta

This recipe is one of our family favourites. Originally it’s a recipe from an old ALDI cookbook, if I remember correctly for cheap dishes in the 90s. This is my take on it – whenever I cook it, it’s pretty much gone within seconds. It’s a quick one pot dish, easy to prepare, easy to … Continue reading Lemony Parsley Pasta

Cold Brew Coffee

Okay, confession time: I’m addicted to cold brew. I know, so 2016, it’s just “cold coffee” but.. NO! Did you just nod in agreement?! Come on, I saw it, no I felt it in my dark little heart! COLD BREW IS NOT JUST COLD COFFEE. Starbucks wants you to think that – in fact they … Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee

Mac and Cheese

It is day 368 of the lockdown. Toilet paper and pasta are the new shares. Who needs mortgages if you have cheese, right?! I’ve been quiet lately. Reasons? I changed jobs – working in the pastry department of a large organic retailer was limiting my skill set too much and I got bored. December, January … Continue reading Mac and Cheese

Chilli Sauce (hot)

On my instagram I asked what you guys would like to see next and a lot of people wanted a chilli sauce. My whole family loves hot food, especially my mum and me, although even my baby sister has been witnessed demolishing a good portion of wasabi that would have brought a grown man to … Continue reading Chilli Sauce (hot)