Chocolate indulgence

Phew. It’s March. As we can see outside, it’s trying to be spring and failing hard. The last months went a bit in a complete blur to be honest with you. I’m still recovering from having to quit what I thought would be my dream job and recently went back to my previous employer, taking … Continue reading Chocolate indulgence

Apple Cinnamon Porridge

We’re in the middle of the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeear and people are letting their diets go and just enjoying their life.  In Germany we have a Christmas dessert, comparable with a stewed apple, filled with marzipan, raisins and nuts, and loads and loads of sugar soaked with vanilla sauce. The following recipe … Continue reading Apple Cinnamon Porridge

Wintery Mini Ringcakes

Today you will learn a fantastic a German word: GUGLHUPF (ring cake). While I’m gonna sit here for a while and smile thinking about how you twist and bend your tongue to pronounce it, you can read up on the history. Apparently the word originates from the word for “hood” and describes a round cake … Continue reading Wintery Mini Ringcakes

Avocado pesto

Avocado peanut pesto Okay, last Sunday I had a proper Mary Berry moment and thought, I’d love to have breakfast with home made bread. Being German I find it quite hard to find lovely bread, normally eating lowcarb I tend not to eat bread at all. While I was waiting for the dough to rise … Continue reading Avocado pesto

Warming carrot soup

I’m a perfectionist and always choose about two tasks too many for myself. The last two weeks I spent with a job search studying and being ill. I caught the slightly girlier version of the man flu and still had to go to work, since the company I’m working for has slightly weird rules on … Continue reading Warming carrot soup

Simple Quiche

I love Jamie Oliver. What I don’t like about him is that he claims he has quick recipes. Being a chef I agree, they mostly take fifteen mins and then you have something to eat. But being someone with a 75 hour job or a someone who just doesn’t cook on a regular basis you … Continue reading Simple Quiche


It is autumn. Yes, I’m not afraid to say it, I wore socks and a jumper today. Yesterday I was suddenly craving cookies, not necessarily to eat them, but to smell them. There is just one minor problem: I hate baking. I mean, I can hear you all gasping for air (please also say „oh … Continue reading Coooookies